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  • Role: Level / UX Design

  • Genre: Open World Platformer

  • Engine: Unity 3D

  • Developer: Kevin Ethridge (DigiPen Institute of Technology)

  • Total Dev Time: 2022; 6 months 

  • Platform: Windows (Download), Steam Version

Beach Island Deluxe is an exploration of how to create an open experience that is accessible and approachable to all audiences, being dynamically adaptable in it's difficulty level through level design. In it's purest essence it is a microcosm prototype of everything the core of an open world game is supposed to be. This was a solo project that took me roughly 4 months to complete and is the last thing I worked on while attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. Explore the island freely and collect enough stars to open the mysterious portal, or keep exploring! Its all up to you!


  • Authoring GDDs, priority lists, and asset lists.

  • Bringing the world through the level design process, from white box to final product.

  • Conducting playtesting

  • Programming and art asset creation


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