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  • Role: UX Design

  • Genre: Fighting

  • Engine: Unity 3D

  • School: DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Total Dev Time: 2020; 1ish months

  • Platform: Windows

Bigshot Brawlers was a class assignment while I attended DigiPen and it quickly became one of the things I'm most proud of from my time there. The assignment was to create a main menu for a game that didn't exist, with no restrictions on creativity and style. Given that this was a title fictionally aimed at children, I took inspiration from the dynamic fun actiony styles of games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  and Team Sonic Racing with a focus on the UI being fun to look at and interact with. My goal was to make sure there wasn't a static screen within the whole project, that everything you interacted with was loud, in your face, and ready to go, that the user would probably spend at least 30 seconds screwing around in the menu because it was just fun to do so. It was a major learning experience on a technical level as I had not made anything like this before.


  • Sketching and blocking out wireframes in Adobe XD

  • Transferring assets from Adobe XD to Photoshop to Unity 3D

  • Animation of UI assets

  • Authoring of all code in C#

  • Constructing the UI within Unity 3D

  • Editing and implementation of all audio assets

  • Perform and record announcer voice audio


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