Kellogg's Marvel's Civil War VR is a 1st person VR action title released for the Google Cardboard VR platform on March 13, 2016. It's a tie in for Marvel's Captain America: Civil War theatrical release alongside many other marketing promotions. 

The game put's the player in the suit's of Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther as they must try and stop Crossbones and his henchmen. There are 2 seperate campaigns for Captain America and Iron Man and 9 levels in total. 

There is tons of unlockable content in the vanilla app itself as well as a decent amount of content that can be unlocked using various Kellogg's products. Secret levels, Power Boosters, and the ability to play as Black Panther are all unlocked in this way. 

The game is designed for the base level of the Google Cardboard VR platform, so we didn't have any actual buttons for the player to use for input. The entire experience is designed around the player's gaze. Essentially the player looks at something and something happens. 

Nearly all traditional game mechanic and UI conventions had to be tossed out the window in order to make the game work. A lot of time was spent on prototyping and iterating the mechanics to make sure that they were solid.




October 2015-March 2016


Sonic the Hedgehog - SEGA

Sonic Colors Model and Animations - SEGA

Sound and Music (Metal Harbor) - SEGA



Sonic GDK - Xackles


Level Design - Kevin Ethridge

Concept Art - Kevin Ethridge

3D Artist - Kevin Ethridge

Texture Artist - Kevin Ethridge

Environmental Artist - Kevin Ethridge

Technical Artist - Kevin Ethridge


Debugging - Xackles