A 2D original indie title inspired and influenced by games like Portal, Super Metroid, and Swapper. Blackshore Meltdown meshes together puzzle gameplay and metroid-vania pacing and level design to bring a unique gameplay experience. Tons of abilities are gained and used throughout the game in ways you haven't seen before in exploration, puzzle solving, and navigation.


 Blackshore Meltdown puts players in control of Beta, an employee of the Blackshore City Power Plant on a day when everything seems to be going wrong. She must repair the Power Plant and its many facilities before the main core goes critical and destroys Blackshore City.


Beta accomplishes this with the many abilities she picks up along the way and redirecting beams of energy to restore power to rooms and machinery and overcome obstacles.


Blackshore Meltdown - Sharp Hills Studio


Multimedia Fusion 2 - Clickteam


Game Design, Level Design, Concept Art, Pixel Art

Programmer, Environmental Artist - Kevin Ethridge


Sound - Various free sites (to put in later)

Sega, Nintendo


Testers - to put in later



Demo Released 01/17/2015

Coming soon to:






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