Beta - Alternate Hair Designs
Beta - Character Posing
Beta - 1st Character Sketch & Logic
Elevator - Thunder Beam Variants
Mansion - Courtyard Backdrops
Blackshore Meltdown takes many cues from both old and modern games a like in its art direction. Many of the environments are simplified to keep the visual focus on the puzzle elements and to create the tense, lonely, and foreboding atmosphere of the game.

The main protagonist, Beta, has under gone the most work, taking inspiration from many mascots of the 80s and 90s in her sensibility. Most of her design is to help accentuate her features; Like her hair, which is used as a backdrop for her face and body and pushes these features forward while also filling up her hitbox. She is colorful in order to stand out in many of the Power Plant's different environments and to appear more casual to match her job at the plant.


Many of the puzzle elements went through hundreads of iterations to keep player cues consistant and convey their use without words, which was a great challenge. For example, the color Red is only  used to show objects that carry or transfer power in some way.


Lots of concept art of this game is not shown since it no longer reflects the current game, and instead showcases a version of the game that was before the entire project got a complete overhaul and makeover.

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Grainy Ghetto Zone
Havok Harbor Zone - Boss Concept
Raw Refinery Zone - Tile set Sketch
Forgotten Forest Zone - Tree Sprite
Forgotten Forest Zone - Parallax BG
Forgotten Forest Zone - Act 3
Havok Harbor Zone - Locale Sketches
Forgotten Forest Zone - Parallax BG
Sonic Lost Adventure's artistic direction was to create a game that looked like the more modern titles but had the sensibility of the old genesis classics. This meant creating environments that were detailed and full of atmosphere, while still featuring the colorful, slightly surreal patterned landscapes and carrying on an over arching theme of nature vs technology. 
The way how this was presented changed as the project went through changes, like going from a 2D pixel art game to a 2.5D and 3D title, but the sensibility has stayed consistant.
Out of the 7 planned stages for the game, only 4 have had concepts drawn up of them; Forgotten Forest, Grainy Ghetto, Havok Harbor, and Raw Refinery. It was important for each stage to feature a unique color pallet and to try out tropes that were uncommon or just not seen before in previous Sonic games. 
Many of the locals feature surrelist patterns in almost everything featured in the zone; not just to stay true to the classics, but because these patterns when viewed traveling at high speed heighten that sense of speed.
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Intro Sequence - The Reveal
Character Design and Logic
City Ruins
Office Interior
Metro Underworld
Searchlight Monster Design and Logic
Intro Sequence - Hospital
Apartment High Rises

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