• Role: UX / System Design

  • Genre: 2 player turn-based card / board game

  • Developer: Kevin Ethridge (solo project)

  • Client: DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Total Dev Time: 2019; 4 months

  • Download: Rule book,  components (coming soon)

Pilot your Steampunk Airship in a fight for supremacy over a desolated landscape. Carefully manage the heat level of your machinery  to dish out as much damage at your opponent as you can without overheating in this 2 player turn based card / board game. The hotter your machinery the more access you'll have to more and more powerful cards, careful though, as the hotter you get the easier it'll be for your opponent to force you to Overheat and you'll lose it all!


  • Authoring the rule book and creation of game components and cards

  • Designed all of the game's systems

  • Balancing through extensive EV calculations

  • Orchestrating and documenting player testing



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