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  • Role: Design Lead & System / Level Design

  • Genre: Top-Down Arcade Action

  • Engine: Unity / Custom Engine

  • Developer: Cosmic Pineapple

  • Client: DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Total Dev Time: 2019; 4 months

  • Download: Windows

Play as a bee on a mission to collect nectar for their hive before winter. Use the power of jazz to smash your enemies in this action packed arcade styled game. Our team was composed of 2 designers and 6 programmers. I worked in Unity for a majority of development before moving into a custom engine made by our programmers where I had to do a total redesign to make sure the whole team passed the semester and shipped on time. The video below is the game before the inclusion of art assets.


  • Authoring GDDs, priority lists, asset lists, weekly report logs, and pitches.

  • Leading the team in keeping the overall vision coherent and on track.

  • Managing scope and scale of project from a content stand point.

  • Content design of enemy waves; timing, quantity, and variety.

  • Design of arena size and composition.

  • Designing mechanics and enemies.

  • Designing and implementing mechanic feedback through particles.

  • Coding basic prototypes of main mechanics; object properties, dynamic enemy spawn system, dynamic camera, player health.

  • System balancing; enemy and object health, enemy spawn rates and quantities.

  • Redesigning the game's systems and level for implementation within our custom engine.

  • Orchestrating and documenting player testing in regards to mechanics, level design, and the overall game experience.


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