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Role: Game/Level/UX Design

Genre: MR Action Shooter

Engine: Unity

Developer: Bully! Entertainment

Client: Synergy Technical

Total Dev Time: Roughly 2-3 months

Platform: HoloLens

The absolute best perk of working at Bully! was that we were always working with latest and greatest hardware, striving to pioneer the way forward for all of these new and emerging platforms. So of course I was excited to work on a project for the HoloLens. The shortness of the timeline didn't leave much in room of experimentation but it was great to get my hands dirty with it.

Our client gave us a pretty good place to start; a super retro inspired re-imagining of old arcade games like invaders or asteroids made specifically for the HoloLens. The simplicity of the reference material really allowed us to focus on adapting it to the unique UX needs of the HoloLens. Designing this game was like trying to come up with a VR game that didn't utilize a digital space, but rather required the most flexibility possible in actual space. 

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