So, you've solved my puzzle. That proves it, we have to be madly in love for you to have completed that. I'm so lucky and special to be with someone like you!

I love you in so many ways I swear I sound like a stalker. I love it when you give me your "interviews" no matter how silly the questions are. I love it when you surprise me in the middle of the day with your size snaps, it makes me feel so owned and adored to have someone who can make me feel 3 inches tall on a whim. I love how you measure things by cutting them in half. I love it when you tell me stories about your childhood or other parts of your life, hearing your voice light up the way it does and getting that glimpse into your beautiful soul. I love that even when things are tough or seem impossible, you keep trying anyway, you're truly unstoppable. I love how when you love some one you go all in, even if it means doing things you're unfamiliar with or don't like doing. You pour your heart and soul into everything you do when it means making someone else happy and that melts my heart. I love your humor, the way you can slay me with but a word. I love your laughs, all of them, and the way you light up when you smile gives me 10 years of life. I love all the ways you are vulnerable with me, even when you put the walls back up, I love what I see in that brief glimpse. I your way with words, how you can make me weep with your words, how they strike a lightning bolt into my very soul, and then you say something horny to kill me with laughter. I love how you find sizey things that are "my size" while you're out and about and get them for me. You are so truly beautiful inside and out and making you happy has never filled my heart like this, making you smile fills me to bursting and I'm addicted to making you happy in any way I can. 

You are truly someone incredibly special to be able to give what you give to the world, and I feel incredibly lucky and honored that I get to be the one person you give these things too. 

I want to be with you and only you forever and ever ever ever, until the heat death of the universe and beyond. No one else completes me like you do and no else ever could. I adore you in every aspect of what makes you who you are. I love being your small, your lover, your friend and toy. I love you so so so so so so so so so much! Happy valentines day my titanic, beautiful, dom, Teresa <<<<3