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  • Role: System / UX / Narrative Design

  • Genre: Education Adventure

  • Engine: Unity

  • Developer: Bully! Entertainment

  • Client: Planet3

  • Total Dev Time: 2016; 5-6 months

  • Platform: HTML5

The Weather and Climate Immersives were part of a larger project, Planet3. Intended to be used as interactive educational material for use in public schools, the idea was to teach middle school children various science subjects in a fun and interactive experience. It was in many ways like an adventure game and an interactive textbook as players would navigate an open area; talking to NPCs, collecting items to aid on their mission, and playing various mini-games before saving the day.


  • Authoring GDDs, priority lists, and asset lists.

  • Creating client-facing presentations and project updates.

  • Managing and adapting project scope throughout the project's life.

  • Wireframes for mini-games.

  • Writing copy for each mini-game's UI.

  • Writing up initial first draft dialog and helping establish structure and content of overall narrative.

  • Designing the mechanics of mini-games.

  • Researching, finding, and organizing real scientific data to ensure educational accuracy.

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