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  • Role: UX Design

  • Genre: Vocational Simulation

  • Engine: Unity 3D

  • School: DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Total Dev Time: 2020 - 2021; 5ish months

  • Platform: Windows

Stock Up! - Grocer Sim was a school project that had the goal of designing an engaging and authentic experience from a real vocation. I decided to draw from my time as a grocer and build something from what I appreciated about the experience. The initial challenge was coming up with a gameplay loop that many other people would enjoy and still felt authentic. I would later pick the project back up a year later to improve the UX features of the game. 

The goal of the game is to stock as many shelves as you can before your shift is over, using your eyes to match up product boxes and barcodes while cleaning up spills and helping customers all so that you can get enough money to go on a road trip to save your romantic relationship with a long distance partner. 


  • Sketching and blocking out wireframes in Adobe XD

  • Transferring assets from Adobe XD to Photoshop to Unity 3D

  • Animation of UI assets

  • Authoring of all code in C#

  • Constructing the UI within Unity 3D

  • Editing and implementation of all audio assets

  • Perform and record announcer voice audio


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