• Role: System / Level / UX / Narrative Design

  • Genre: VR Survival Horror

  • Engine: Unity

  • Developer: Bully! Entertainment

  • Client: Bully! Entertainment

  • Total Dev Time: 2016 - 2017; 4 months

  • Platform: HTC Vive

A fully single player metroid-vania style survival horror VR experience inspired by games like Resident Evil, you are the lone survivor of a helicopter crash near an isolated Alaskan coal mining town. Fend off zombies as you gather resources and gain new abilities and weapons in your mission to find a means to call for help. This was our studio's first attempt at a full fledged original title and would feature various game modes such as a wave survival mode.


  • Authoring GDDs, priority lists, and asset lists.

  • Market and user research to establish target audiences.

  • Managing and adapting project scope throughout the project's life.

  • Wireframes for all menus and UI elements.

  • Writing copy for all menus and UI elements.

  • Planning out, white boxing, and implementing overall level and environment design at a macro and micro level.

  • Designing the overall pacing and progression of each area, which new items and enemies would be present in each.

  • Designing game mechanics; items, abilities, navigation, enemies, bosses, and environment obstacles.

  • Collaboratively establishing the narrative structure and arc, story beats, narrative themes, devices, and characters.