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  • Role: Level / UX Design

  • Genre: Action Skating Platforming Brawler

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Developer: 99% Funk (DigiPen Institute of Technology)

  • Total Dev Time: 2021; 4 months

  • Platform: Windows

Witchpunk is an action brawler meets Tony Hawk's Pro Skater where the player skates around a city block smashing robots with magic spells. I was brought onto the project during it's post-production phase in order to help polish out the rough edges of the game's level and UX design.  A lot of the work I did end up doing for the project was quickly experimenting with different ideas to find what worked best for the game. The main 2 problems I was tasked with for the project was fixing the flow of the overall level space and offering solutions to various gameplay feedback issues. 


  • Working within an established space to polish level and UX gameplay feedback.

  • Provide solutions to gameplay feedback identified from player testing.

  • Redesigning the main level space using white box techniques.

  • Provide documentation and resources to artists and developers for implementation of gameplay feedback.

  • Conduct player testing.

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