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Role: Game/UX Design

Genre: VR Action Wave Survival

Engine: Unity

Developer: Bully! Entertainment

Client: Warner Brothers

Total Dev Time: Roughly 2-3 months

Platform: HTC Vive / Android

We were approached by Warner Bros to create a proof of concept for a VR tie-in to the Wonder Woman film. Our POC would be competing with the POCs of a few other studios for rights for the full product. In the end we didn't get the contract but considering that Wonder Woman is one of my favorite super heroes I'm really happy we made what we made. 

At the time we had wrapped up the POC the entire full game had been planned out with most of the major systems designed which included a reactive world and complex lasso combat system. All we needed was the OK to go and make all of it. What is shown in the video is but a tiny scrap of a "what could been".

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